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592 St Moluag dies and is succeeded by Neamhan (Neam) 

608 Aidan, King of Dalriada killed  (ordained King by Columba)

 630 Eochaid 'The Fair', King of Dalriada dies

610/611 Abbot Neamhan (Neam) dies and is succeeded by Eochaid

637 Annals of Tignerach refers to " A gathering of the Saxons against Oswald. Eochaid the Abbot of Lismore, reposed. 17th April Eochaid dies.    St Columbanus refutes the authority of the Pope.

664 Synod of Whitby

717 King Nectan of Scotland expels non-conformist clergy.

MacCoigeth, Abbot of Lismore dies in 753.  Records disappear (Norse raids?).

778 Aedh 'The White, King of Argyll killed.  He was the son of Eochaid, King of Dalriada from 726-733

843 Kenneth mac Alpin , son of Alpin King of Argyll  (unites the Picts and Scots, taking advantage of a Viking raid which had weakened the Picts.  Becomes first King of Albany)

850 Kenneth moves primacy from Iona to Dunkeld

1034 Malcolm II, King of Albany dies.  He is Great great great grandson of  Kenneth mac Alpin.  He is succeeded by his grandson Duncan I.  Malcolm's daughter Bethoc  married Crinan, Hereditary Abbot of Dunkeld thus incorporating the hereditary Celtic office into the Royal family. 

1034 Lothian and Strathclyde absorbed into Scotland by King Duncan I of Albany.

1045 Crinan, Hereditary Abbot of Dunkeld, dies.  

?1057 Malcolm III (Canmore) marries Margaret who imports English clergy and starts the end of the Celtic Church.  

1098 Malcolm agrees with King Magnus of Norway that all land to the west of Scotland around which he can sail his ship belongs to Norway.  Magnus famously has his ship dragged across the Mull of Kintyre. "When King Magnus came north to Cantire, he had a skiff drawn over the strand at Cantire, and shipped the rudder of it. The king himself sat in the stern-sheets, and held the tiller; and thus he appropriated to himself the land that lay on the farboard side"

1124 David I becomes King of Scots and imports Normans to create feudal system.

1128 Eth or Aethelred, Son of Malcolm III and last Abbot of Dunkeld dies

1140 Somerled marries King Olaf Morsel's daughter, Ragnhild 

1164 Somerled slain.  His son King Dougal is the eponymic ancestor of the great and royal clan Dougal.

1188 Papal Bull by Clement III declares "the Church of Scotland to be the daughter of Rome by special grace and immediately subject to her".  

1200 John the Scot, Bishop of Dunkeld, sends his chaplain, Harold, to Pope Innocent the III to persuade the Pope to disjoin Argyll.  Pope agrees and Harold appointed first Bishop of Argyll who creates his seat at Muckairn on Lochetive.

1236 See moves to Lismore with a value of only 25 merks. See now called Bishop of Lismore.

1249 Alexander II dies on Kerrera whilst campaigning against the McDougalls

1266 Norway relinquishes claim to the islands and Lismore becomes part of Scotland

1289 Pope Nicholas IV writes to Laurence, Bishop of Lismore, saying that Iona Abbey is immediately under Rome and outwith the See.

1292 Argyll created a shire. Alasdair of Argyll, Lord of Lorn, 4th Chief of McDougall made sheriff.

1388 Stewarts acquire Lordship of Lorne via marriage to the heiress of Eoin MacDougall on his death. three generations later a Stewart co-heiress marries Colin Campbell, Earl of Argyll and the lordship of Lorne passes to the Campbells.

1544 Bachuil Charter of Confirmation

1560 Reformation


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