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In an article on Saint Maolrubha contributed to the Scottish Historical Review in April 1909 by the Reverend Archibald B. Scott, the writer in a foot- note says: 'The late Duke of Argyll long envied the Bachul. He used to address Mr Livingstone of Lismore, the holder of the relic, as " my Lord,." His Grace told a friend of the writer that Livingstone was the oldest peer in the realm, being a Baron of the kingdom of the Scots of Dalriada. 

According to the same authority, the ancient clan name of these highland Livingstones was Dunlaves.'  Perhaps it is to this clan that , Mr. John O'Hart refers in his wonderful genealogical work on Irish pedigrees, in which nearly every family of importance in the three kingdoms, from royalty downwards, is traced back to Adam through an authentic line of Irish ancestors. For he declares that the Scottish House of Livingstone can also claim to he descended from Milesius of Spain, who was thirty-sixth in descent from Adam!  For were not the Princes of Ulidia, of the race of Dunshleibiie, which surname in later years became anglicised as Dunlevy, and even as Dunlop and Livingstone, when a branch of this illustrious line passed into Scotland soon after the English invasion."

Extracted from "The Livingstones of Callender" by Edwin B Livingstone, Edinburgh University Press. Chapter 19 "SOME NOTES ON THE HIGHLAND LIVINGSTONES" pp 415-417


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