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The Lion Rampant



The Banner

The Banner of Alastair livingstone of Bachuil

In addition to a banner shown flying above (beautifully drawn by Anthony Maxwell) we have been granted a standard of three and a half metres and a pinsel.

The Standard

The Standard of Alastair livingstone of Bachuil

The Standard has the arms in the hoist, the crest in the centre and St Moluag's flower in the compartments. Standards of peers and barons are split at the ends whereas non baronial chiefs are rounded. In the case of chiefs the standard is parted in two per fess (horizontally) as above.

The Pinsel

The Pinsel of Alastair livingstone of Bachuil

The Pinsel is given only to chiefs or very special chieftain–barons. Full chiefs have a gold buckle as shown here. It is used to show that the holder has a commission from the chief to act in his name and was used by a commander in the chiefs absence. Today it is sometimes used at highland gatherings when a chief cannot be present in person.

Last updated 22 May, 2008