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1 DOUGAL MACONLEA, Baron of the Bachuil b. c1680 spouse unknown. Issue included:

  1. Duncan, his heir
  2. Malcolm
  3. Margeret
  4. Janet
  5. Neil whom, according to tradition in ‘Lismore in Alba’, fought in the 1745 rising, and after Culloden briefly returned to Bachuil, then moved to Morven, Mull, and finally Ulva. He is probably the father of Neil Livingston who married Mary Morrison in 1774. Their son, Neil b1788 married Agnes Hunter, the father of Dr David Livingstone b1813.
    In 1745 there were many Livingstones in the Appin Regiment and it was Donald Livingstone, of the Achnacree Livingstones across the Loch at Benderloch, who saved the Appin Standard. He erected a gravestone to his parents at Cill graveyard in Morvern, which has the earliest known surviving record of Livingstone Arms.

Dougald MacOnlea d. circa 1730? and was succeeded by Duncan MacOnlea

2 DUNCAN MACONLEA, Baron of the Bachuil b. c1713 married Mary MacOnlea and had issue which included

  1. John MacOnlea

Duncan MacOnlea d. circa 1780? and was succeeded by John MacOnlea

3 JOHN MACONLEA, Baron of the Bachuil, b. 1746 at Bachuil on the Isle of Lismore, Argyll, the heir of Duncan MacOnlea, Baron of the Bachuil and Mary MacOnlea; he was the first of his family known to anglicise the surname as Livingstone; m. Sarah McLachlan; and had issue,

  1. Coll, his heir.
  2. Alexander, b. 11 June 1775 at Bachuil; m. Dorothy McGlashen b. 10 Jun 1780 in Killian, Lismore.
  3. Duncan, b. 14 June 1777 at Bachuil
  4. Adam, b. 19 Nov. 1778 at Bachuil.
  5. Mary, b. 14 May 1781 at Bachuil; m. John Stewart, b. 5 March 1776 at Bachuil.
  6. Elizabeth, b. 20 Oct. 1783 at Bachuil; m. John McCorquodale.
  7. Ann, b. 18 Aug. 1787.
  8. Duncan, b. 26 Oct. 1788 at Bachuil; m. Dorothy Livingstone, b. 10 Feb. 1806 at Achuaran, Lismore.

John MacOnlea d. 1835 and was succeeded by Coll Livingstone

4 COLL LIVINGSTONE, Baron of the Bachuil, b. 16 Jan. 1773 at Bachuil; m. 1812, Mary Carmichael, b. 29 Feb. 1796 at Balure, Lismore, and had issue,

  1. Anne, b. 15 March 1814 at Bachuil.
  2. Alexander, his heir.
  3. Sally, b. 7 June 1817 at Bachuil.
  4. John, b. 8 Feb 1819 at Bachuil.
  5. Dorothy, b. 3 Jan. 1821at Bachuil; m. 1852 Hugh Carmichael.
  6. Duncan, b. 1 April 1822 at Bachuil; m. Mary MacColl.
  7. Sally, b. 27 Feb 1824 at Bachuil.
  8. Mary, b. 19 Jan 1826 at Bachuil; m. 1846 Donald MacIntyre.
  9. Adam, b. 4 June 1828 at Bachuil.
  10. Colin, b. 12 July 1830 at Bachuil.
  11. Neil, b. 12 July 1830 at Bachuil.
  12. Coll, b. 3 May 1833 at Bachuil; m. 1860 Mary Graham; d. 1900 in Illinois, USA.
  13. Dugald, b. 1834 at Bachuil.

Coll Livingstone d. 1842 at Bachuil. and was succeeded by his eldest son and heir Alexander Livingstone

5 ALEXANDER LIVINGSTONE, Baron of the Bachuil, b. 24 July 1815 at Bachuil; a Baptist minister, his portrait was painted by Lord Napier, who stayed at Bachuil whilst reporting for the Crofting Commission. This portrait has often been mistaken for that of Dr David Livingstone. The family resemblance was so strong that Baron Alexander Livingstone of Bachuil and Robert Livingstone of Achnacree were both mistaken for the famous missionary on many occasions.

married first Elsie Grant; d. 1855; having one son,

  1. Coll Peter Livingstone, b. 18 April 1854 at Kingussie; d. 1873 without issue.

married second 1856, Jessie MacPherson, b. 1824; d. 1899; and had issue

  1. Mary Ann, b. 14 Oct. 1858; m. Thomas Hollingworth, b. 1861.
  2. Mary Louisa, b. 28 Nov 1859; m. 1890 Peter Stewart.
  3. John Alexander, b. 11 Sep. 1861, d. 21 Sep. 1861 without issue.
  4. Jessie MacPherson, b. 13 Aug. 1862; d. 3 June 1884.
  5. William Jervis, b. 8 Mar 1865 his heir.
  6. Thomas Coates, b. 1867, m. Christina MacDonald d. 1930 without issue.

Alexander Livingstone d. 1906 and was succeeded by the eldest surviving son William Jervis Livingstone

7 WILLIAM JERVIS LIVINGSTONE, Baron of the Bachuil, b. 8 March 1865 at Bachuil, Dr David Livingstone’s daughter Agnes, on the sudden death of her husband, asked for William’s younger brother Thomas, to go out to Nyasaland to manage the Livingstone estates at Magamero. As Thomas was considered unreliable William went in his place. He introduced many innovations, and won prizes for his cattle, cotton and motor cycle racing. He was killed in front of his wife and children, alongside his assistant from Lismore, Donald MacCormick in the Chilembwe rising of 1915. m. 1908, Katherine MacLachlan, b. 1865; d. 1915 in Africa, and had issue,

  1. Mairi Isabel Nyasa, b. 1910; d. 1979.
  2. Dorothy Isabel Bruce, b. 1911; d. 1912.
  3. William Jervis Alastair, his heir.

William Jervis Livingstone d. 1915. and was succeeded by his son William Jervis Alastair Livingstone

He married Agnes Valerie Collins in 1952 and has issue

1. NIALL JERVIS COLL LIVINGSTONE OF BACHUIL YR; b. 12 November 1953 m. 1981 Caitlin Jane Mitchell, and has
Catriona Jane Rolfe, b 8 September 1988
Flora Jennifer Nyasa b 8 August 1990
2. Deirdre Nyasa Rolfe b 26 Jan 1956
3. Catriona Louisa Bruce b 17 Sept 1957 m 2 October 1993 Scott Arndt
4. Morag Laila Cameron b 23 Sept 1960 m 20 June 1981 James Philip Holland Mellor, DL, and has issue
James Thomas Seymour b. 28 May 1986
Charlotte Cecily Amelia b.14 October 1987
Harriet Suzy Livingstone born 8 May 1993
5. Alexander Duncan Rolfe b 14 May 1968, m 25 September 1998 Cristina Carol Tchkotoua, Princess Tchkotoua, daughter of Prince and Princess Charles Tchkotoua (hereditary princes of the Russian Empire, one of the oldest West Georgian feudal families, their lands having been established by Bero, an apostle from Byzantium in the 9th Century) and has:

Maximilian Charles Henry b. 8 Dec 2002

William Jervis Livingstone Alastair d. 29 February 2008 and was succeeded by his son Niall, the present chief.

Last updated 22 May, 2008