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Comments on the Charter of 1544

Archibald, Master of Argyll, on behalf of his father, the 4th Earl of Argyll granted the 1544 charter of confirmation to Iain McMolmore Vic Kevir (i.e. John son of' Maolmoire son of Ivar or colloquially John son of Miles son of Henry), Heritable Keeper of the Bachuil. 

Of particular significance is the fact that there was no resignation. If Argyll had been feudal superior, the lands would have been resigned to him and then re-granted. This is demonstrated above where we see Argyll resigning his lands and obtaining a new grant from the crown.

It is also very interesting to note that the grant is given in “in puram et liberam elimosynam” which translates literally into “in pure and free alms” and is a grant of frankalmoign. This was considered the highest of grants and was generally a duty to pray for the granter's soul. 

In the Charter Archibald, Master of Argyll, also refers to the Baron as “our beloved pursuivant (dilecto Signiffero nostro)”. Whether he was one of Argyll's officers-of-arms or more literally 'ensign-bearer ' to Archibald, Earl of Argyll is unclear. Even at the time the charter of confirmation was issued, it is acknowledged that the lands and staff have been in the family for many generations, clearly preceding the creation of the Earldom of Argyll in 1457 – less than 90 years earlier.


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