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The 1544 Charter of Confirmation

This Charter of Confirmation was granted by Archibald, the son of Archibald, Earl of Argyll, on 9th April, 1544, that is four hundred years ago. As this document contains much of interest and importance, a translation is given below.



Archibald, son of Archibald, Earl of Argyle

(with his father's consent)


John McMolmore Vic Kevir.

9th April, 1544.

Of lands in Lismore, with the keeping of the Staff of St. Moloc.

"To all and every let it appear by these presents. That we, Archibald Campbell, lord fiar of the lands of Argyle, Campbell and Lorn, with consent and assent of our very dear father and guardian, Archibald, Earl of Argyle, Lord Campbell and Lorn, Lord Superior of the said lands, have granted, like as we, in honour of God Omnipotent, the blessed Virgin, and Saint, Moloc, our patron, have mortified and by the present writing confirmed, to our beloved pursuivant, John McMolmore Vic Kevir and the heirs male lawfully begotten of his body, who failing to return to our gift (i.e. to be at our disposal), All and singular, our lands of half of Peynabachuille and Peynchallen, extending to a half merk of lands, lying in the Island of Lismore, within our Lordship of Lorn and Sheriffdom of Argyle, with the keeping of the great staff of the blessed Moloc, as freely as the father, grandfather and great-grandfather and other predecessors of the said John, held the lands of our predecessors, Lords of Lorn, with the keeping of the said staff. in pure and free alms as freely, quietly, honourably, fully, well, and in peace as any lands are or may be given, and that for the salvation of our soul and (the souls) of our predecessors and successors. In testimony and perpetual assurance of which , we have ordered and made our seal, with the seal of our very dear father and guardian to be added to this writing.

"Given at Castlelachlan, the 9th day of this month of April in the year of the Lord, One thousand five hundred and forty four, in presence of John McCowle of Dunollycht, John Cowill of Raoran, Colin Campbell of Ardkynglas, and Lachlan McLachlan of that ilk, with divers others.

Ex mandato A. Erll of Argyle. Archibald 11. of Argyle


"XIX day -of the month of May, in the year of our Lord, One thousand five hundred and forty five, sixth of the Indiction, and of the Pontificate of the most holy father in Christ, our lord Paul Ill., by divine providence, pope, the eighth year, in presence of me, Notary Public and the witnesses underwritten, personally appeared an honourable man John McDenche Og Glenlea, and preceded to the half of the lands -of Peynabachille and Peynchallen, and there delivered, presented and gave to John McMolmore Vic Kevir, pursuivant, state sasine and possession heritable, of the staff of St. Moloc, by delivery of the said staff and earth, wood and stone in presence of Ewen McIlicHallum, Ve Ewen, John Ger McEyin Glas."


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