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St Moluag is the patron saint of Lismore.  His Bachuil or Crozier is shown drawn on the left and a photo on the right.  It is made of blackthorn and was covered in gold or gilt at one time.

St Moluag, a Pict, was born circa 520-530, trained, and was closely associated, with Saints Comgall and Brendan, and in around 562 set up the first of his three great communities on Lismore, beating St Columba in a race to the island.

St Moluag's influence was significant inasmuch as his three main centres of Lismore, Rosemarkie and Mortlach became the seats of the Roman Sees of the Isles, Ross and Aberdeen.

Moluag's ancestry has been given as follows-

Fiacha Araidhe a quo Dalaraidhe



Moluoc or Molucus

When he died in 592 he was described as an old man. His birth may have occurred somewhere around the year 520.

There are various Irish forms of the name, such as Lughaidh, Luoc and Lua. Latinized they become Lugidus, Lugadius and Luanus

The name, as it has come down the centuries, Moluag or Moluoc,  is made up of the honorific mo, plus the original name Lughaidh, pronounced Iua, plus the endearing suffix -oc.

He is understood to have been of the Irish Picts or Cruithne, possibly from Dalaraidhe.  Credence is given to this as both Saints Comgall and Brendan, with whom he was closely associated, were Picts.  Furthermore he travelled extensively and freely amongst the Picts 

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