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The Clan Macdougall

MacDougall Crest

The Macdougall Crest showing, on a baronial chapeau, an armoured hand holding the cross crosslet fitchée of St Moluag representing their temporal role as defenders of the faith.

There have always been very close ties between us and the MacDougalls - but not as a sept as some would erroneously suggest.

This clan takes its name from Somerled's son Dougall or Dugall.

On Somerled's death his lands were divided amongst his sons in the Norse tradition.

Dougall, the eldest son succeeded to the Kingdom of Argyll and was styled King in the Isles, Lord of Argyll and Lorn.  This kingdom included Lismore and Appin (its Abbey Lands).

Duncan succeeded Dugall and was in turn succeeded by his son Ewen.  He owed fealty to the King of Norway for his island territory and to the King of Scots for his mainland possessions and tried hard to be loyal to both.  However, Norway's star was waning whilst Scotland's star was waxing bright and it became difficult to remain aloof from the power struggle.  Having obtained Norway's leave he surrendered his island possessions and gave his allegiance to the kingdom of Scotland.

Sir Alexander, son of Ewen, also called Alasdair de Ergadia, Lord of Lorn  and 4th chief was made sheriff when Argyll was created a shire1292.  Their lands were forfeit, after they lost a blood feud against Robert the Bruce.  Alasdair had married an aunt of the Red Cummin, a rival claimant to the Scottish throne and murdered in church by Bruce.

David II, Bruce's son restored the lordship of Lorn to the seventh chief who married a granddaughter of the Bruce.  However,  it passed on via his daughter, Isabel, to the Stewarts when she married Sir John Stewart of Invermay, and in time to the Campbells. 

In Highland clans Moncreiffe points out that in 1557 there is record of a John McDunslaif of Achnacree and that the McLeays of Achnacree were almost wiped out supporting the MacDougalls of Lorne against the Campbells of Inverawe in a clan battle in the reign of James VI referring, I believe to the article in the McLea manuscript. and again at the massacre of Dunavertie in 1647. Iain Mc Iain Vc ein dui alias Mc onlea, Dunsla M'ein Vc onlea and Iain M'onlea, his brother, were among those massacred at Dunaverty, 1649 (HP., II, p. 257).

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