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The Clan MacLean

Maclean of 
            Shield MacLean of Duart's shield showing a hand holding the cross crosslet fitchée of St Moluag representing their descent from Cuduilig (the Hound of Leaves), an Abbot of Lismore.

In Somerled’s time Domlig or Cuduilig (the Hound of Leaves), an Abbot of Lismore circa 1150 was able to appanage his heirs in Morvern.  The first chief of the Clan MacLean, “Gilleathain na Tuagihe,” (circa 1210), was Domlig’s great great grandson

In Skene’s “Celtic Scotland,” Vol. III, p. 481, we have the genealogy of the MacLeans given from the MS. of 1467, supplemented from the MS. of 1540, as follows: 

“Eachduinn (or Hector), son of Lachlan, son of John, son of Malcolm, son of Maoiliosa, son of Gill-eion, son of MacRath, son of Maol-sruthain, son of Neil, son of Cuiduilig (Abbot of Lismore, Argyll), son of Raingce, son of Old Dougall of Scone...Raingce had three sons, Cu-catha, Cu-sidhe, and Cu-duilig, from whom descends the Clan Conduilig, that is the Clan MacLean in the island of Mull.”

It is also likely that the salmon in the Maclean Coat of Arms refers to Cuiduilig 

In 1519 Duncan Stewart of Appin and Sorley MacColl, his Gille-cas-fluich, were murdered by the Macleans whilst guests at Duart and their bodies left hanging from the battlements. On hearing the news the Baron of Bachull, who was a great friend of Appin, set out immediately, with his two red-haired daughters, for Duart and managed to recover Appin’s body and buried it in the cathedral church of Saint Moluag on Lismore.

A few years later in 1527 Duart abandoned his wife, The Duke of Argyll's daughter Elizabeth and the subject of Campbell's poem of 'Glenara', in chains on Lady’s Rock.  She was rescued by some fishermen who took her to Bachuil, who reunited her with her father.  Some days later Maclean arrived to break the sad news of the death of his daughter to the Earl. He himself appeared inconsolable at the loss of his wife until, suddenly, she was ushered in to his presence to put an end to his hypocrisy. Duart's wife lived for many a day after her escape from the Lady's Rock, but he paid for his cruelty with his life.


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